PT TV Episode 10: Cash-Based Physical Therapy

Last night, Dr. Jarod Carter, DPT and Christopher Johnson, PT were live on PT TV answering your questions about running a cash-based Physical Therapy practice. Watch the full episode here and find the materials they referenced below.

Trust Me, I’m an Expert

Last night I attended a talk on trust between a panel of founders and designers from the startup websites AirBnB, Getaround, Facebook, Lyft and Postmates. Each one of these companies offer a product or service that require a large level of trust from users, like renting your house or car to a stranger online. Needless to say, these companies have spent extensive amounts of time working to gain confidence from their customers, some going as far as working to pass legislation to make their service safer.

Establishing trust from customers is an obstacle in many industries, Physical Therapy included. Attending a therapy session is a fairly intimate act, both physically and mentally for patients. Bedside manner, of course, plays a crucial roll in making a client feel comfortable. However, another important part of the equation is the patient’s trust in a PT’s ability to help heal them.

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Announcing Our Inaugural PT Blog Awards!


Today we launched our inaugural PT Blog awards, the first ever award contest for Physical Therapy bloggers! The awards are meant to reward and recognize exceptional bloggers and to promote online content creation in the field of Physical Therapy.

We will begin collecting nominations starting on Tuesday January 23, 2013 until February 1, 2013. On February 1, nominations will be gathered and official ballots released! Users may vote for their favorites until Sunday February 24 when, in the spirit of the Academy Awards, winners will be announced on a live PT TV webcast. Winners will receive their very own iPad mini to help keep them on the cutting edge of blogging and social media technology.

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Online Privacy Pearls

                                                        Photo credit: Roy Lichtenstein

The social media world was abuzz last week when Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s sister Randi (former head of marketing for the company) mistakenly posted a family photo to her entire Facebook following rather then just select friends. She was not aware this had happened until the photo was Tweeted publicly by one of her followers. Ms. Zuckerberg was none too happy and a Twitter scuffle about social media etiquette ensued.

Since the photo was not intended for public viewing, I won’t post it to avoid further propagation. You can view both the photo and Tweets here, however (kudos to Mark for keeping the signature hoodie on even at Christmas dinner). Both parties deleted the photo and Tweets, however many news outlets and websites captured them prior. While Randi is a person of interest in the tech world, this just goes to show that things posted online never really go away, even if you delete them.

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Election 2012: What Will Tomorrow Bring For Healthcare?

After months and months of commercials, campaigning and debates, the 2012 Presidential Election is finally upon us. While some of you have already voted absentee or have your decision set in stone and are ready to simply punch that chad tomorrow, we thought we would provide some last minute information on the election from a healthcare perspective for those of you who may still be contemplating your choice. I am a firm believer in the age old rule that politics and religion are not to be discussed at the bar, as well as the blog, so I’m leaving it to the experts to shed some light.


The Big Boom Theory


We recently sat down with one of our Advisors, Steve Thompson, and asked him some tough questions about the PT profession. We’ve already told you why we think it’s a great time to be a PT, now Steve shares his take on PTs explosive growth (the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that PT will grow 39% from 2010 to 2020!).

Age Is Just a Number

I believe PT is growing for several reasons. First, the baby boomer generation is aging and reaching Medicare eligible ages and as they age, they will need more support and help to maintain lifestyles to which they are accustomed.  Also, the population has aged, the number of joint replacements being performed is increasing as well and those patients need skilled therapy to recover from this complex surgery.  The idea of senior citizens is transforming as well.  Many of our “senior citizens” are becoming “athletic seniors”.  As this population ages and wants to keep an active lifestyle, physical therapy stands to be a front-runner in helping keep this population active.  Physical therapists are the best-trained healthcare professionals to assess and treat movement impairments. As we age, we will most likely develop more and more movement impairments and therefore, PT will be needed and the growth in the profession will be justified.

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