The 2014 PT Blog Award Nominations are open!

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The 2014 PT Blog Awards are here! Nominations officially opened today,  April 7, 2014, until April 13, 2014.  We will tally the community’s top 5 nominees in each category for final voting on April 14, 2014. The final winners will be announced on May 12, 2014. The winner of each category will receive an iPad mini to help them continue to blog and advance their practice from the clinic or in the field!

The awards are meant to reward and recognize exceptional bloggers and to promote online content creation in the field of Physical Therapy. The categories of PT Blog Awards are as follows:

  • “Best Overall Blog”
  • “Best Clinic Blog”
  • “Best PT Blog” “
  • “Best Student Blog”
  • “Best Advocacy Blog”
  • “Best Research in a Blog”
  • “Best Use of Social Media”
  • “Best Use of Video”
  • “Best PT Technology Blog” – new!

Nominate here!

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