Get To Know Your PT: Christina Cherng, PT, DPT

Therapydia Saratoga Physical Therapist Christina Cherng, PT, DPT takes some time to share her the music that gets her motivated, her go to ways to stay active and her favorite piece of wellness advice.

Change takes time – be patient with yourself and keep at it.

When did you know that you wanted to be a physical therapist?

5 years ago, I shadowed at an outpatient clinic and saw first hand the healing relationship, camaraderie, and trust between therapists and patients. I knew it would be incredible to be part of helping people return to the way they wanted to live.

What’s your favorite song to get you motivated?

It changes a lot, but currently, “This Is Me” from the soundtrack of The Greatest Showman.

What is the biggest challenge involved in being a PT?

Trying to understand the insurance and billing (aka the business) side of things.

How do you like to stay active?

Any combination of the following: going to the gym, youtube yoga or yoga classes, hiking, biking, occasional rock climbing, walking my friend’s dog.

What surprised you the most about the physical therapist profession?

How little people seem to know about it! Some people seem to believe that physical therapy is only about exercises, and others seem to believe that it’s just massage.

Are you currently pursuing any further education/certifications?

Currently, no.

What’s your go-to breakfast?

Eggs scrambled with butter, topped with half an avocado, with a side of cherry tomatoes!

What is the biggest misconception you hear from new patients?

Sometimes patients come in expecting therapists to “fix” them in a few sessions, not realizing that change takes time, effort, and persistence.

What is the most important personality trait that a therapist must have?


What do you do to de-stress/unwind?

Enjoy a bottle of wine with a couple of friends, and just catch up.

Finish this sentence: On Saturday mornings, you can usually find me…

Asleep. Just kidding. But honestly, either sleeping in or out running errands, getting groceries, cooking or baking, going on a hike, or hanging out with friends.

What is your favorite piece of wellness advice to offer?

Change takes time – be patient with yourself and keep at it.

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