New PT TV Episode: Postpartum PT

Episode 5 of PT TV will be live Thursday December 5 at 5:30 PST / 8:30 EST. We will be talking postpartum PT with Stephanie Prendergast, MPT, a myofascial pelvic pain expert. In 2013, she will be the first PT to serve as the president of the International Pelvic Pain Society.

Most new moms think that postpartum symptoms are all part of a new normal they must learn to live with and their complaints are often dismissed by both the medical community and society. Stephanie will explain why it’s time to treat new moms right.

The agenda of topics that will be covered in the talk are as follows. Tweet your questions for Stephanie with the hashtag #PTTV5, post a question on our Facebook page or leave a comment below.

  1. Why new moms require pelvic floor rehabilitation after pregnancy/childbirth.
  2. The standard pelvic floor rehab for new mom’s currently receive in the US.
  3. There is a  precedent for pelvic floor rehabilitation in France, should the US adopt these standards?
  4.  The benefit of proper pelvic floor rehabilitation.

Watch the episode here!

Stay tuned for our next episode The Future and Direction of Manual Physical Therapy December 12 at 6:00 PST / 9:00 EST.

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