The Health Benefits Of Kegel Exercises For Men

h Benefits of Kegels For Men

You most likely have heard of kegel exercises for women, but what about kegel exercises for men?

Kegel exercises are most often recommended as a form of pelvic floor muscle training in instances of urinary incontinence or pelvic floor dysfunction. These simple exercises are also rumored to support sexual function over time.

Learn more about these easy exercises and how to add them to your daily routine.

What Are Kegels

Kegel exercises are used to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles that can weaken due to age, the removal of the prostate and other conditions such as diabetes. The pelvic floor muscles act to hold your pelvic organs including your bladder and bowels.

Kegel exercises are the contraction and release of the pelvic floor muscles- over time, the repeated contract and release movement will strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. When performed properly, results from kegels can improve your confidence in more ways than one.

How Do They Work?

We have gone over how kegel exercises can help with bladder control, but they also provide an appealing added benefit when it comes to your sex life.

Studies have shown that male Kegel exercises and pelvic floor therapy are successful in managing erectile dysfunction as it allows for increased blood flow to the groin area, premature ejaculation by strengthening the muscles that control ejaculation and can also intensify orgasms as the pelvic floor muscles get stronger, so can orgasms.

Now that you know the benefits of kegel exercises for men, you may be wondering how to do them.

How Can Men Do Kegel Exercises?

To identify your pelvic floor muscles, simply attempt to stop urine flow midway through. These muscles that are used to stop the flow of urine are the muscles you target with kegels.

To practice your kegel exercises, try to contract your pelvic floor muscles for at least three-five seconds and release for five seconds. Aim to repeat this move at least 10 times, three times a day.

If you find this difficult to do, start with less time and work your way to longer periods of holding the contraction.

Kegel exercises can be performed discreetly and anywhere, allowing you to easily incorporate them into your daily routine. To ensure that you are practicing your exercises, plan accordingly.

Many men find it easiest to do their kegel exercises while they are doing daily tasks such as shaving, driving or while they are brushing their teeth.

Find what works best for you and stick to a routine to see the most added benefits of the exercise.

If you’re having trouble doing these male Kegel exercises, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Your physical therapist can help you to isolate the correct muscles to ensure that you are reaping all of the benefits that kegel exercises have to offer.

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