Therapydia launches Find a PT, a free tool matching consumers with expert physical therapists

Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 12.57.11 PMMill Valley, CA- Therapydia, the largest online community dedicated to physical therapy, has launched a new tool to help consumers find physical therapists in their area based on expertise, ailment and more.

“We designed our Find a PT feature from the eye of the patient, driven by ease of use,” said Jonathan Shariat, Director of Product.“ It’s simple for users to search within their city, by specialty, or for a specific therapist.  We surface PTs with the highest Social Pulse Score, our ranking of how active PTs are online, to the top, making it easy to find PTs who write the best blogs, have great Yelp rankings, and interact with patients online. “

Technology and legislature, a winning formula for patients
Traditionally, a person could not receive treatment from a physical therapist without first getting a referral from a physician. However, many states now allow direct access to physical therapy treatment without a prescription saving patients time, money, and empowering them to find the best care for them.

A recent Google healthcare study estimates that 72% of all patients go online to research before choosing a physician.  Recognizing this trend, more and more healthcare professionals are building an online prescience.  With a tool like Find a PT, consumers are able to cut through the noise and find and interact with curated experts.

Physical Therapists are positioned to be primary wellness providers
Physical therapy is known as a resource for rehabilitation from injuries, but the expertise of physical therapists goes well beyond this.  Many don’t know that the average PT holds a doctorate or master’s degree after completing at least 3 years of rigorous post-graduate study and must complete continuing education courses each year. Given their specific knowledge of the body, physical therapists are uniquely positioned to be the authority for preventative care and long-term physical health.

“It’s funny that PTs know the body so well, but they aren’t the first people patients think to improve their ongoing wellness,” said Sydney James, PT, MPT, OCS, a Therapydia expert.

About Therapydia
Therapydia gives PTs and patients one central place for online collaboration and communication and helps them stay up to date on the latest content.  Founder and CEO Ben Dehan conceived of Therapydia while helping his wife start and manager her own practice. Ben is a pioneer in social media and has over 20 years of experience operating successful tech companies. Prior to Therapydia, he was the Founder and CEO of Foodbuz, the largest online food community, acquired by Federated Media in 2010.

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