Blogging for Beginners

If you’ve read our Social Pulse Resources page, you know the importance of blogging to increase your online reputation and searchability on the web. Many of you may be thinking that this is easier said than done. However, with a little strategy, beginning to blog is much easier than you think.


To begin, determine what you would like to achieve by blogging. There many different angles you can take with your blog depending on who want your audience to be. For example, you can use your blog as an easy way to update clients with new, up to date information. You can write posts offering your insights on new procedures. Maybe you want to advocate for pressing physical therapy issues.

This is not to say that the subject of every blog post must be strictly limited to the same topic, however blogs that focus on a general theme help you build a niche and attract your target audience.

Find Your Voice

Overall, the easiest way to begin blogging is to write about things you are passionate about. Excitement is infectious, and yours will show through to your readers. People are interested in blogs with an authentic voice, rather than ones where the author seems to be going through the motions.

Think about the blogs that you most like to read. Chances are they are almost conversational. You certainly want your blog to be professional and well written, however this doesn’t mean you have to be as formal or in-depth as a medical review journal. Think about the conversations you already have with patients and colleagues all the time and simply write them down.

Get Started

There are many free, super simple blogging platforms available that work right out of the box.

We suggest:

Just sign-up and start writing!

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