The Value of Social Media for Physical Therapists

If there is one thing physical therapists don’t have a lot of, it’s time. Between busy patient schedules, continuing education, paper work, and home life, some PTs feel they don’t have the flexibility to explore social media.

If this is your thinking, it’s time for a change. Social media is a vital tool to help you grow as a physical therapist, enabling valuable connections and the ability to influence the pulse of healthcare decisions. Moreover, you’ll find using social media will actually save you time.

One Place For All Your Information

Imagine if there was a way to take all the newsletters you subscribe to out of your inbox and into one neat place where you can access it whenever convenient. This is not a Utopian fantasy, but rather one of the main functions of social media. By aggregating all your favorite blogs in an online reader, or following your favorite publications on Facebook or Twitter, you create one stream of information that’s assured to not get buried in your inbox.

Add to Your Base of Knowledge

Social media is an effective and easy collaborative learning tool to share expertise and a common interests. By joining discussions you can gain clinical knowledge, as well as share your insights. Social media allows you to get almost instant feedback and keep up on the very latest news and information, allowing you to substantially grow your base of knowledge.

Make Professional Connections

One of the largest draws of social media is the networking possibilities. You are able to connect and collaborate with colleagues you wouldn’t otherwise be able to.

And, remember there are real people at the other end of the computer. At the next conference or contenting education course you attend, you are likely to already know some people there you’ve connected with online.

Influence Important Conversations

Important healthcare conversations are increasingly being published online. By not participating in social media, you are missing a chance to influence key issues. From discussing controversial treatment methods or advocating for legislative issues, social media keeps you informed and your voice to be heard.

Educate the Public

The benefits of social media to PTs isn’t limited to interactions within the healthcare community. It is also a great way to educate the public about the value of PT and promote the physical therapy brand.

Gain Exposure

Whether you are looking for a job or looking to drum up business, social media is critical to sell your services. Using professional networking sites, such as Linkedin, will help you be seen by potential employers. Having a good presence on professional sites also helps to increase your search rankings on Google, helping you build your online reputation.

If you own your clinic, social media gives you many oppurtunities to promote your business. Social media lets you connect directly with existing clients to reinforce your relationship, but also allows you to find people that are in need of your service.

You don’t have sign-up for every social media platform under the sun and become a super user over night. Take your time to explore what’s out there and get comfortable with one or a few of your favorites. You’ll find a strategy that works best for helping achieve your goals.

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