Introducing Therapydia Jams!


We’re excited to announce a new series called Therapydia Jams. We’ll be regularly featuring Therapydia team members and their favorite workout playlists to help keep you moving, motivated and pain-free! Search #therapydiajams on Facebook or Twitter to access all our playlists or follow our new Spotify profile for the latest jams!

JBmixOur first Therapydia Jams contributor is Jonathan Burke, DPT, MTC, CSCS. Jonathan is the Clinic Director at Therapydia NOLA. He was quick to boogie down at our Annual Summit this year, so we knew he’d be the perfect curator of jams!

Jonathan says, “I like a little bit of everything. To be honest, I like the fast, loud songs so I can’t hear myself breathe. Especially when I am out of breathe … I sound like I am dying! Upbeat songs helps me to push through when I want to stop.”

Check out the list below or directly on Spotify. Thanks for sharing, Jonathan!

**Warning: some songs may contain explicit content.



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